Since its first establishment in 1993, PT. Gloria Origita Cosmetics has grown to be a prominent player in skin care and decorative cosmetics industry in South East Asia region, supplying good quality of products to all parts of the region.

KIAS LEATHER is one of the traditional leather manufacturers in Yogyakarta. Most of KIAS LEATHER products are exported to several countries, especially Japan and some to the Netherlands, Sweden, England and a few to the United States. 

We are produce apparel with embroidered pattern, various paintings and use the best and comfortable. Embroidery and painting is also done by paying attention to the comparability of color and motif elements so that the resulting product becomes beautiful. our products are women's fashion, shoes, and bag.

Utty's. Craft jewellery is inspitrd by the beauty of indonesian gemstones.  The richness of the natural beauty of the gemstonrs found in Indonesia island are enormous.  The natural beauty of these stones was used to crrate variety of attractive jewellieries. 

Endah Leather was established in 2016 to join the local home industries and only has 4 experts to make and desigent leather based bags and wallet. The material we use is snake skin. Cow-hide.sheepskin and rabbit skin. But we also produce a blend of leather bags and indonesian batik motifs. And produce for party gift or gift for companies.


Start from leather skin distributors, sendy leather crawling into leather goods manufacturer nationwide. Our product has been spread from sumatra in west Indonesia to Maluku located in eas Indonesia.