Sapu Upcycle is the Creative Industries Division of waste treatment in the Planting for Life (TUK) community. A Community cares about the environment which consists of several artists and volunteers, which was established in 2006 in Salatiga, Central Java.

Our products are made with product detail and precision in choosing colors and patterns so that the arula collection can support the appearance of a woman who is stylish today.arula is a 100%product made in indonesia, for those of you who love indonesia products you must enter it in your refraction.

Rubycraft is a company specialized in manufacturing and trading wooden craft includes wooden jewelry (watches, sunglasses, necklaces, earrings, etc), wooden kitchen wear (cutting board, wooden plate, bowl, etc) wooden sanitary wear (bath up tray, soap dispenser, etc) and wooden home decoration (wall decoration, macrame, etc).

PT. Syailendra Bumi Investama

PT. Syailendra Bumi Investama is a company that do partnership with farmers to cultivation of volatile plants. We do distillation and then trading of essential oils from Indonesia to other domestic and international company. 

Artisan Vii

CACHIC ETHNIC is handmade jewelry with traditional Indonesian designs. We work with copper and brass craftsmen to make unique and exclusive jewelry. We combine copper and brass with pearls, gemstones and traditional fabrics (batik and ikat) to create unique jewelry.