Murah Manis

Handpainted Dresses, Blouses, Headband, Silk Batik Dresses, Silk Batik Blouses, Ikat prints, Rattan Bags, Pom pom bags, Batik dresses, Batik Cardigans, Batik Pants, Beaded Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Silk and Batik Fabrics, Tie Die Jumpsuits, Dresses and Pants, Ikat Blouse/Swim Cover, Brooches.


We started by receiving custom orders for school and corporate uniform in 2015. After that we start producing out own design and participated in several exhibitions. We mainly use cotton and silk as our main fabric ingredients. 

Our brand was established in 2015. The signature design of Birru Jewelry is unique wire works combine with fresh water pearls, natural stones with a fusion of ethnic, contemporary and chic design. 


USHA's Yanthi Tambunan has shown strong interest in further developing the handiworks of women, such as fabric crafts, jewellry making, and other forms of handicrafts from some areas in Java as well as from the eastern islands of Indonesia.

From the leaves of the original nature of the equator and a touch of the skilled hands of the women of Indonesia, House of Distraw presenting fashion products, tote bag, scarf, laptop bag and women wallet with a technique ecoprint, shibori or a combination of both with mix and match of natural dyes native to Indonesia.

Marita Collection was founded in year 2002. In the early stage, many friends wants my designs and sewed their clothes from myself as I like fashions. I helped many friends to make their clothes as they like my design, then the business of fashion developed with the brand name of Marita Collection.