Datik Batik

Datik batik has various kinds of batik from manufacturing techniques from batik, stamp batik and batik painting. For batik material, batik uses soft cotton material. Batik batik provides several batik motifs from traditional / interior motifs and also modern motifs. 

Batik Sidomukti is produced manually by hand, from the drawing process to the inclusion of the batik process. production of various hand-painted batik and stamp and hand screen printing.

Erisa Batik & Jewelry

Erisa Batik & Jewelry established in 2010 based in Jakarta – Indonesia. We provide batik fabric and ready wear with different method such as hand-painting, hand-stamping and printing.

Enggar is the name of a batik lover who pioneered batik business since 1980, and have received awards from several countries in promoting batik clothing to overseas.

Drussa is a company that have experience almost 12 years in leathergoods production. We produce premium leatherbags , leather wallets, leather accessories,etc with vintage design, high quality materials , and comfortable to wear.


YYE Batik was established in 2012 and is engage in fashion. At first I really liked of batic fabrics and then I inspired to make some clothes from that batik fabrics, such as blouse, dress, blazer.